Monday, 13 May 2013


Exedra is my current project with Barracudas vocalist and musical collaborator extraordinaire Jeremy Gluck.
heard a few tracks from my 'New Lamps For Old' album 'Apex Creatures' in early 2012 and got in touch.
Jeremy was thinking about trying out something more song based and proposed that we try and write a few things together. I had already started recording some new  music with Mark Elliott at his EMP studio in Essex.
Lyrics and music were fused and first track recorded came out amazingly well.

After that it made sense to shelve plans for a 'New Lamps For Old ' album and concentrate on more tracks with Jeremy's lyrics.
A lot of new material has emerged over the last year.
The original song album idea has developed to explore a more atmospheric approach.

All well and good but for various reasons recording can only happen in short bursts. 

One track has been completed. 'Flash Forward' was recorded as an instrumental piece.
It was sent to Jeremy who came up with a great vocal performance
co - producer Mark Elliott and I have turned into our first finished track.
It came out on a free compilation CD from the Scottish label Topplers Records in April.
A four track single is planned and before that a remix or two of
'Flash Forward'. 


Get this great label compilation free from Topplers Records featuring 'Flash Forward'