Tuesday, 8 April 2014

exedra - I Am The Cross

After a long time in the making
"I Am The Cross" is the debut exedra release. It was going to be an album and a single at various points, but it's emerged as an E.P.
So somewhere between the two. 
Stream it and hopefully buy it please via the bandcamp link here.

Many thanks,


1. Elemental
2. I Fell Asleep
3. I Am The Cross
4. The Ocean Inside
5. Flash Forward
6. Sacred Ways

The Players

Mark Elliott - Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Live percussion.
Jeremy Gluck - Vocals.
Darrall Knight - Guitars, Keyboards.

Eleanor Gluck - Vocal on 'The Ocean Inside.' (Words - Jeremy Gluck).

All tracks composed by Darrall Knight.
Lyrics by Jeremy Gluck.

Recorded and co - produced by Mark Elliott & Darrall Knight.
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Elliott at EMP studio Hadleigh, Essex.
Between March 2012 & March 2014.
* Remastered * April 2014 by Alan Lepatourel.

* vocal for 'Flash Forward,' 'I Am The Cross,'  'I Fell Asleep,'
'The Ocean Inside,'
recorded by Lewis John at M.A.D. Studios Swansea 2013.

* Elemental vocal  recorded by Jeremy Gluck.

Sleeve image 'Stella Spectra' by Robin Cracknell.
Lettering by Darrall Knight.