Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New Lamps For Old - Apex Creatures

New Lamps For Old is to date a recording only project.
The 12 track unreleased album 'Apex Creatures' was recorded some time back now.
Made at EMP Studios in Leigh On Sea in collaboration with producer / musician
Mark Elliott. All the songs were already written by the start of recording and just developed into what we finally ended up with. Lead vocals are by me and I played all the guitars. Mark played bass, keyboards, and programmed the drums and effects, plus a few backing vocals. Not that many people got to hear much of it for various reasons at the time. Is it possible that could change?



  1. ...one of my favourite DK projects...

    "Dance With Me" sounds like a hit in some distant galaxy. Please upload the early Auctioneers stuff - I've played the tapes so much there's hardly any oxide left on 'em!

  2. Ian, I can only rely on you for encouragement!
    Auctioneers, MOP, and Martin Clarke features coming soon. Will put together a CD for you. XXXX

  3. Good stuff Mr. Knight.

    Looking forward to the Mother of Pearl stuff too!

  4. Thank's Servo,
    Not listened to MOP stuff for ages.
    Hope my ears still think it's good?
    Will keep you posted.
    Are you in oz again?