Friday, 20 March 2015

Before Lost and Found

After getting on for 3 decades! The Auctioneers have resurfaced with a 25 track chronological retrospective CD album care of the wonderful Firestation Records label in Germany.
Things started to happen after I sent some tracks to Cherry Red Records in December 2013. 
They were looking for songs for the bonus disc of the C86 album deluxe box set reissue.
Nothing was heard for a month then suddenly we were contacted and told "Scoop" had been selected for inclusion. A very pleasant surprise including a publishing offer for all the old tracks.
Firestation Records were recommended by Cherry Red and a new friend in Japan as a possible label for us. Incredibly as it turned out they had heard one of our 80's demo's and had been looking for more material for a few years. "Before Lost and Found" is the result of many weeks work in 2014.
Most of the bands pro studio recordings were used. Including some home demo's and live tracks. Taken from those trusty old cassettes. Everything had to be mastered as they were not in great shape sound wise after so long. One of the biggest jobs was locating suitable artwork and with the labels help designing the CD cover including all the booklet notes, credits, tracklisting, ETC. During all this a new title track was written and recorded and seemed the perfect conclusion to the album.
The band would like to send endless thanks to Uwe, Sandra, and Olaf at Firestation for giving us the opportunity to release this album.
Before Lost and Found was released in January 2015. 

Available via Firestation Records,, and Heyday Mail Order. Also here directly from the band with Paypal and all major credit and debit cards. 


                 UK, EU, Rest Of World prices Including postage.

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