Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Future And The Past

New project songs are coming along.
Six recorded in basic form and potentially five new ones in the pipeline.
Lead vocals are being recorded remotely and the whole album will be put together later in the year in a few big sessions hopefully. Melodic, but will be a bit heavier than 'Apex Creatures' and a lot more produced. 
Exciting stuff to be involved in.

Still deciding if I should post up some 'Mother Of Pearl' tracks. 
Some of the later live stuff still sounds OK. I won't be putting up our demo's because they we're all so so. Not sure why? We must have thought the material was good enough at the time! Bad move going to Island Records with them. After being asked to pop along by one of the A&R guys. Some label scout had seen us live in North London. As soon as A&R man heard a demo song that was it. Ta ta. He just banged on about how he signed 'The Verve' via a tape demo. 
Remember those? Sorry lads thanks for coming. Hard not to be a little bitter about life's follies.


Mother Of Pearl
Live at 'The Bear Cat Club' Twickenham.

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