Saturday, 20 October 2012

Once You Start....

This is becoming more of a project diary than anything else.
New album of material has shifted away from song approach into more soundscape territory.
More atmosphere and less vocal? Certainly won't be any more "rock" songs.
Came up with a few "vignette" type pieces that work really well.
Wednesday night this week we did a new one. Gothic blues would be a good description for it.
Also Mark edited previous recording of a dreamy ballad that's going to be a really good one.
The basics of two or three more to be recorded and then I think it might be time to see where we're at with it all. Looking forward to working again on some of the earlier ones.
Probably in the new year now. These things take time!
Using a Guild bass for these tracks. Great woody sound played by the too talented Mark Elliott.


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